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Reports / General documents

Policy Briefs

Based on the key findings and recommendations published in the TFO-synthesis report 'The Future Okavango - Findings, Scenarios and Recommendations for Action' five topic specific Policy Briefs have been developed.
In a short and concise form, they summarize key findings and recommendations on the sustainable mangement of water, soils, natural ecosystems and fire, respectively as well as on the values of local land users and their implications for governance, both in English and Portuguese. The Policy Briefs were presented at the FinalConference2016 in Berlin and will be distributed to decision makers in the TFO partner countries.

Flyer / Brochures



  • VISIONS 2030 for the Okavango River Basin - Inspirations from 27 stakeholders from all levels
    The booklet "Visions 2030: Food for thought – Stakeholders' visions for the future of the Okavango River Basin" was presented to the public at the Stakeholder Public Evening during the TFO symposium in Rundu. 27 visions from stakeholders from different scales (local, regional/district/provincial, national and basin) for the Okavango River Basin in 2030 are summarized here. The booklet hopes to support the exchange of ideas by providing food for thought, in a process of preparation towards an equitable and multi-scale, integrated vision for the basin. It provides a feedback to stakeholders who participated in face-to-face interviews concerning land use and livelihoods in the Okavango River Basin (ORB) conducted from November 2012 to June 2013, in the context of The Future Okavango (TFO) research project. It further addresses all actors of the ORB, including the researchers taking part in the TFO research project. (by Stephanie Domptail & Oliver Mundy)
    Download as PDF-File (2.2 MB)

Posters / Presentations

  • The Future Okavango "Sustainable Land and Resource Management in the Okavango Basin" New
    Download as PDF-File (2.28 MB)

  • "The Future Okavango (TFO) - Scientific support for sustainable land and resource management in the Okavango basin"
    (a general introduction)
    Download as PDF-File (1.5 MB) (Vers.3)


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