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TFO Final Conference: “Sustainable Land Management – Challenges and Opportunities”, Berlin, Germany 7-9 March 2016

A short overview

From 7 – 9 March 2016, representatives of the TFO project participated in the FinalConference2016 “Sustainable Land Management – Challenges and Opportunities” of the respective BMBF-research programme. The aim of the final conference was to present and discuss results as well as lessons learnt from the 13 individual projects funded over the last five years.

The funded projects were asked to present inter- and transdisciplinary results as well as their products developed during the implementation phase. Additionally, project stakeholder representatives were invited to present their perspectives on what was achieved and what will stay.

Representing the TFO-consortium, Prof. Wellington Masamba was invited by the organizers to give a key note lecture on “Research on sustainable land management: The Future Okavango Project´s achievements and challenges” which he presented together with Fernanda Lages, Ben Strohbach and Norbert Juergens. Maxon Simfukwe was asked as representative of the local stakeholders to take part in the plenum discussion on lessons learnt for future research agendas.

Additionally, 10 oral and poster presentations, respectively, were given by TFO research teams:

  • “Transdisciplinary research – a reality check. Experiences from TFO” Laura Schmidt, Michael Pröpper (oral presentation)
  • “Assessing future water resources development in the Okavango River Basin under changing climate, management and governance” Hendrik Göhmann, Thomas Steudel, Jörg Helmschrot, Stephanie Domptail, Torsten Weber, Andrea Vushe, Manfred Hinz, Edwin Mosimanyana, Lapologang Magole, Manuel Quintino et al. (oral presentation)
  • “Processes and management of soil fertility in smallholder production systems” Alexander Gröngröft, Annette Eschenbach, Connie Gwatidzo, Katharina Huber, Benjamin Kowalski, Lars Landschreiber, Jona Luther-Mosebach, Wellington Masamba, Jörg Overmann, Barbara Reinhold, Maxon Simfukwe, Thomas Weinzierl, Ibo Zimmermann (oral presentation)
  • “Drivers, processes, and consequences of land use change in the Okavango Basin” Manfred Finckh, Michael Pröpper, Achim Röder, Marion Stellmes, David Frantz, Anne Schneibel, Rasmus Revermann, Miya Kabajani, Alexander Gröngröft, Mike Murray-Hudson, Norbert Jürgens (oral presentation)
  • “Sustainable consumerist modernities? Anthropological findings on ambivalent cultural valuation, individual lifestyles and nature in Namibia and Angola (TFO)” Michael Pröpper (oral presentation)
  • “Scenario building: the interdisciplinary integration of knowledge to communicate on possible pathways for future land use – Application to the Okavango River Basin” Stephanie Domptail, Vera De Cauwer, Manfred Finckh, Alexander Gröngröft, Mike Murray-Hudson, Michael Pröpper, Henrike Rambo, Laura Schmidt, Susanne Stirn, Ibo Zimmermann, for the TFO Scenario Task Force (poster presentation)
  • “OBIS - an Open Access Data Center for the Okavango River Basin” Sven Kralisch, Franziska Zander, Masego Dhliwayo, Wellington Masamba, Wolfgang-Albert Flügel (poster presentation)
  • “Impact of emerging charcoal production in the Miombo woodlands of Chitembo, south-central, Angola” Francisco Maiato, Amândio Gomes, Manfred Finckh, Rasmus Revermann, Marcos Aidar (poster presentation)
  • “Analyzing herbivore movements in relation to resource availability in the Savuti-Mababe-Linyanti Ecosystem (SMLE) in Northern Botswana” Keoikantse Sianga, Richard Fynn, Achim Röder, Johanna Buchner, Marion Stellmes, Brooke Bateman, Volker Radeloff (poster presentation)
  • “Understanding the dynamics of the fire regime on ecosystems in the Okavango Basin to support locally adapted fire management” Marion Stellmes, Vera De Cauwer, Manfred Finckh, David Frantz, Rasmus Revermann, Achim Röder, Anne Schneibel, Joachim Hill (poster presentation)

Thanks to all TFO participants for their successful contributions to the FinalConference2016!


Photo gallery

Keynote presentation by Wellington Masamba
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Presentation by Hendrik Goehmann
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Maxon Simfukwe at the stakeholder forum
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Maxon Simfukwe at the plenum discussion
© TFO Susanne Stirn
At the TFO-marketplace
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Representatives of the TFO research consortium
© TFO Fransisco Maiato