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Status conference of the "Sustainable Land Management" (LAMA), Berlin, Germany 17 - 19 Apr 2013

A short overview

TFO was represented by a team of 20 TFO members at the LAMA status conference in Berlin from April 17 to 19 and presented the project to the more than 400 guests, representatives of the BMBF, the project management PT and other colleagues from both modules of the LAMA funding measure via a suit of presentations, posters and a market place.

Slideshow at market place


Presentations held during the conference can be accessed and are available for download as PDF version.

Dr. Alexander Gröngröft & Dr. Cynthia Erb
Synthesis of information on ecosystem service – experiences from TFO

Prof. Dr. Manfred O. Hinz
“Ekongoro owns the river.” The challenge of legal pluralism – Observations from an ongoing research project in Namibia (The Future Kavango Project -TFO)

Dr. Jörg Helmschrot, Dr. Torsten Weber, et al.
Hydrological system analysis and climate change modelling for the assessment of hydrological ESF/ESS in the Okavango River Basin

Dr. Sven Kralisch et al.
Data and information management for integrated research – requirements, experiences and solutions from two LAMA projects

Prof. Dr. E.-A. Nuppenau
Analysis of the sustainability of land use options: interdisciplinary process and tools

Dr. Michael Pröpper et al.
What are cultural ecosystem services (ESS) and cultural values and how can they be made spatially explicit?

Laura Schmidt et al.
Stakeholder Involvement & Knowledge Integration: Transdisciplinary Approaches for the Future Okavango

Prof. Dr. Annette Eschenbach, Prof. Dr. Jörg Overmann et al.
Evaluation of soil functions and microbial diversity to indicate ecosystem services in the Okavango catchment

Dr. Manfred Finckh et al.
Scenario based ecological risk assessment of ESS delivery


These Posters were part of a poster presenation which was displayed throughout the conference. In addition, an overarching TFO poster and a slide show were displayed at the "TFO market place".

Marketplace: The Future Okavango (TFO) Scientific support for sustainable land and resource management in the Okavango basin

Seronga (Botswana) - Wildlife conservation versus agricultural use: What are the trade-offs and conflicts with respect to ecosystem goods and services?

Ecosystem Services in Present and Future Okavango: Environmental and Socioeconomic Drivers