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Meeting of subproject representatives: Germany, Pevestorf, 9-10 September 2010


Thursday, September 9th, 2010

  • Opening: Welcoming words by Norbert Jürgens/Alexander Gröngröft also on logistics
  • Short discussion of the agenda
  • Input talk by Alexander Gröngröft and Michael Pröpper: Where are we now? Looking back at what we have done so far and trying to envisage what needs to be achieved with the workshop. Presentation of materials to visualize cooperation needs and gaps.
  • Open discussion on workshop goals and ways to get there
  • Contribution to the valuation of ESS:
    a) Concepts and plans of the social and economic sciences (e.g. SES)
    b) Quantifying ESS: Methodology and data requirements of the economic valuation group (Giessen)
  • Group Discussion

Friday, September 10th, 2010

  • Contribution to the valuation of ESS
    c) Methodological concepts of the natural sciences
    » Landscape structure: remote sensing and ground truthing
    » Landscape hydrology: How to delineate hydrological response units
    » Microorganisms, soils and vegetation: from point information to areas of concern
  • Group Discussion
  • Final discussion/protocol: The research road ahead: What has been achieved? Agreements for research?
  • Logistics 1: Reexamination of the criteria for the choice of research sites
  • Logistics 2: Kick-Off trip, Launch of project, Planning of research capacity/timetable/roadmap – online calendar, Car-usage, Future meetings, Next Reports / interim evaluation, Logo, Webpage, Address-Database e.g. Stakeholder

Workshop participants

Michael SchneggMichael KirkBernd HayoThomas HurekPeter KrauseSebastian MaderMartin GruberThomas FalkMichael PröpperChristian KnoblauchAnnette EschenbachManfred FinckhStephanie DomptailSven KralischLars LandschreiberJan WehbergErnst-August NuppenauSusanne PfeiferAlexander GröngröftJörg Overmann