The Future Okavango
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Problems and project goals

The interdisciplinary research project "The Future Okavango" (TFO) is dedicated to support a sustainable landuse and resource management in the Okavango Basin of the countries Angola, Botswana and Namibia with scientific knowledge. The region under investigation, a system of woodland savannas, floodplains and extended wetlands is of crucial global importance for biological diversity. Simultaneously it is threatened by rapid transformation through climate change, population growth and anthropogenic over-utilization of natural resources. Such threats can amplify land- and water conflicts. There is a high need for high-quality scientific contributions to optimize landuse and resource management. The Okavango basin can be perceived as a model region to achieve these goals. An improved understanding of the interlinkages of human action, ecosystem function and -services, and influences of climate is highly necessary. This understanding will help to evaluate and valorize existing ecosystem services and landuses within a socio-economic context and to discover potentials for improved land management. With an innovative and trans-disciplinary approach TFO aims at supporting the already well established communication between science and decision makers leading to the participatory implementation of research results.