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Stakeholder portal

The stakeholder portal of The Future Okavango (TFO) project summarises stakeholders that are active in the Okavango basin and may have a stake, claim, interest or focus on resource use and management. The portal lets you to browse for stakeholders in various ways. You can search by the following categories: organisations (with further classification into donor organisations, in short donors, and implementing organisations, in short implementers), sectors, projects, representatives or geographical focus. This is work in progress therefore we don’t claim to have an exhaustive list.

Organisations, agencies or bodies that fund projects or initiatives

Organisations that put projects into action

Institutional groups with a common goal

People who are working on behalf of organisations

Areas of public interest on which the activities of organisations are focused

Geographic foci
Geographic units in which organisations are mainly working

Temporary collaborative to accomplish a particular product, service or result

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