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Scientific symposium, Rundu, Namibia, 24 - 27 Feb 2014

A short overview

More than sixty scientists from the four countries involved in the TFO project met in Rundu, Namibia for a three day symposium. After opening words from the Master of Ceremony, Mr Ben Strohbach, Polytechnic of Namibia, and the TFO speaker, Prof. Norbert Jürgens, University of Hamburg, on behalf of the TFO-consortium, results from the respective subprojects were presented and discussed. The talks and work groups during the next two days dealt with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary topics: The current status of the scenario building process was presented as well as preliminary results from the interviews with stakeholders concerning their involvement in TFO and their expectations towards the project findings. In the work groups, monetary and non-monetary valuation of ecosystem services, trends and drivers of change, trade offs as well as governance aspects were discussed. On the last evening of the symposium, the special TFO Journal "Biodiversity & Ecology" entitled "Environmental Assessments in the Okavango Region" was launched and three participatory films produced by TFO in collaboration with local stakeholders were shown to the interested public.

Presentations: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weber, T., Haensler, A., Kriegsmann, A., Jacob, D.
Climate Change in the Okavango Region


Hendrik Göhmann, T. Steudel, S. Kralisch & W.-A. Flügel
Intermediate findings and results Hydrological modeling


Alexander Gröngröft & Ibo Zimmermann
The role of soils in providing Ecosystem Services State of research of SP03


Ibo Zimmermann, Maxon Simfukwe & Theobald Kudumo
Agronomic Benchmark trials in Kavango Region

Finckh, M., Stellmes, M., Schneibel, A., Revermann, R., Röder, A., De Cauwer, V., Maiato, F., Tsheboeng, G., Lubinda, A. & Wallenfang, J.
Impacts of land use on vegetation

SP05 SP09.1

Stellmes, M., Schneibel, A., Röder, A., De Cauwer, V., Revermann, R., Piedade, A. & Finckh, M.
Vegetation Mapping

SP05 SP09.1

João Baptista
Ecosystem Values and the Impacts of Commodity Consumption


Thomas Falk
The contribution of multi-layer natural resource governance to EF&S delivery Preliminary core findings


Domptail S., Kowalski B, Matlhola D, Zimmermann I, Holden J, Nuppenau E.A.
Land use system analysis and steps towards valuation


Baboloki Autlwetse, Thomas Falk, Lucky Ganeb, Martin Gruber, Miguel Sachilulo Hilario, Felix Monggae, Ute Schmiedel, Laura Schmidt
Governing trans-disciplinarity and capacity development for enabling EF&S management innovations


Sven Kralisch, F. Zander, J. Helmschrot, M. Fink, T. Steudel, H. Göhmann, W.-A. Flügel
The Okavango Basin Information System (OBIS)

Presentations on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary topics, February 26-27, 2014

Intermediate results of the scenario building process

Schmidt, L.
TFO - Stakeholder Interaction & Communication

Outcome of discussions in work groups, February 26-27, 2014

Erb, C.
Ecosystem services and valuation

Nuppenau, E.A.
Trade-off Analysis & its implication for integration

Pröpper, M. & Röder, A.
Trends Group Results

Photo gallery

Participants of the Rundu scientific symposium
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Opening remarks by Norbert Jürgens
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Presentation of the para-ecologists
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Lively discusions
© TFO Susanne Stirn
The audience in the conference hall
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During the coffee break
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Field trip to a conservation agriculture field in Mashare
© TFO Susanne Stirn
Presentation of the participatory films
© TFO Susanne Stirn