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Workshop: Braunschweig, Germany, 2-3 February 2012

A short overview

The two-day workshop in Braunschweig focused on the ongoing review process and methodology to valuate ecosystem functions and services (ESF&S). Previous and next steps regarding the review process were discussed, however, the main concentrated on a group work exercise in which the 30 participants employed the concept of an ESS matrix using three examples of the eleven final ecosystem services (ESS) measured in TFO. At the subproject level all data were collated which contribute to these three ESS. Moreover, progress and planned next steps to be taken at the core sites were discussed along with topics of yield measurements and up-scaling of local data to the regional level.


  • Minutes on the TFO Project Workshop on project evaluation status, ESF&S methodology and future steps
    The document is available after logging into My TFO