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Workshop: Braunschweig, Germany, 31 January - 1 February 2013

A short overview

TFO is mid-way through its 5 year project period. This was a good opportunity to discuss the past review process, its critiques and what can be learned from it and improved for the future. Therefore, we focused on setting the course for the remaining 2.5 years to successfully steer towards reaching the project’s aims, most of all ESS analysis and valuation and scenario building to create tools for improved landuse management. We discussed how these goals can be achieved and how all sub projects contribute to reaching them as well as how tools can be implemented and disseminated. Hence, guiding questions were:

  • Where are we at after the review tour last year?
  • What are the next steps towards an integrated analysis of ESS?
  • What are the envisioned outcomes of the project and who will be addressed?


  • Protocol TFO Projekt Workshop 2013
    (Discussing the status quo, a view into the future on ESS integration and final product output)
    The document is available after logging into My TFO