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Workshop: Hamburg, Germany, 1-2 November 2012

A short overview

The meeting of the Scenario Task Force in Hamburg was the second in a series of workshops to facilitate the building of future scenarios of land use change in the Okavango River Basin. These scenarios are an essential part to TFO’s research and aim to synthesize and communicate TFO research results so as to support decision making by stakeholders. To carry out this task, we follow a four step process to scenario building:

  1. how to set up a scenario exercise,
  2. how to develop,
  3. how to analyze, and
  4. how to use and communicate scenarios.

This follow-up meeting built on the results of the Gießen Workshop (Weblink) in June this year and contributed to phase 1, how to set up a scenario exercise. Focal tasks were to plan the kind the scenario that the research group needs, to define boundaries, contexts, outputs and aims, to identify the scenario team and eventually the focal question of the scenarios.

Downloads general documents:

  • Second Scenario workshop - Setting the frame of the scenarios
    The document is available after logging into My TFO