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Workshop: Botswana, Maun, 11-13 October 2011

Presentations Workshop Maun on Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Prof N. Jürgens
Overview on the structure of TFO

Dr T. Weber
Climate Change in the Okavango Region (SP01)

Prof Dr P. Wolski, Dr J. Helmschrot & team
Impact of Land Management and Climate Change on Hydrology (SP02)

Prof Dr A. Eschenbach, Dr A. Gröngröft, Prof Dr W. Masamba & team
Soil, Land use and Climate Change (nutrient cycling) (SP03)

Prof Dr B. Reinhold, Dr T. Mubyana-John & team
SP04: Micro-nutrient cycling and land management (Part 2 - Task3) (SP04)

Dr M. Finckh, Dr M. Murray-Hudson, Dr M.C. Bonyongo & team
Impact of Land-use Change on vegetation cover (SP05)

(A PDF file is not available yet.)

Dr M. Pröpper, KCS & team
Cultural Knowledge and Valuation (SP06)

Prof Dr M. Kirk, Prof Dr E. Korn, Prof Dr J. Mbaiwa, Dr L. Magole & team
SP07: Multi-layer natural resource governance (SP07)

Prof Dr E.-A. Nuppenau, Prof Dr D.L. Kgathi, Dr G. Mmopelwa & team
Economic valuation of ecosystem services (SP08)

Dr R.W. Fynn, Dr M.C. Bonyongo & team
GIS information processing for sustainable land management (SP09.1)

Dr J. Wehberg
GIS information processing for sustainable land management (SP09.2)

Dr T. Falk, KCS & team
Governing trans-disciplinarity and capacity development for enabling EF & S management innovations  (SP10)

Prof Dr C. Vanderpost & Dr S. Kralisch
Okavango Basin Information System  (SPC)

Dr C. Paulsch
GLUES project: Sustainable land management

Presentations Workshop Maun on Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dr E. Chonguica & Dr S. Motsumi
Anticipated policy implications of the TFO project

Dr P. Klintenberg
(Re) identification of key stakeholders at all levels and their roles

Dr M. Pröpper
Introduction: Ecosystem functions and services - background information for further discussion - towards a common understanding within the TFO team.

Dr M. Murray-Hudson & team
Definition/overview of ecosystem functions in Okavango River Basin (ORB)

Dr S. Domptail et al.
From ecosystem function to management using ecosystem services as an interface concept: listing main characterisation of main ecosystem services in Okavango River Basin

Presentations Workshop Maun on Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dr A. Paulsch
The use of scenario building to reach overarching goals

Dr S. Domptail
Scenario building methodology

B. Kowalski
GLUES scenarios and TFO

Dr E. Chonguica (OKACOM)
Status of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis and Strategic Action Programme (SAP)

Dr A. Gröngröft
Side scale scenarios and examples